in middle school i suffered from chronic headaches, vision problems, mental fatigue and more. countless doctors insisted i was fine and that it was all in my head. they had half of that right. as a kid i had reflexive epilepsy that seemed to gradually disappear as i got older, but as we found out decades later, it was still there, just manifesting in different ways. the only thing that gave me any relief in middle school was biofeedback – i was strapped to an awesome machine that measured my physiological activity (brainwaves, heart function, breathing, and temperature). through calm, meditative practices, I learned to control all these things and helped my tired brain.


fast-forward a few decades and here i am, using a muse to do the same thing i did in the doctors office all those years ago, just now i’m in my living room. and instead of being hooked to a computer, the information is being sent to my iphone via bluetooth! y’all, i just about cried the first time i used a muse – i was that damn happy and relieved to have biofeedback back in my life.


despite the somewhat steep price point, the muse comes in to be significantly cheaper than biofeedback sessions and is an amazing way for people to learn the power of calming the mind. i liken it to the gamification of meditation – there are goals to help encourage you to calm the hell down and they work. in fact the mountain man, who rarely meditates, is constantly trying to beat his best calm score – it’s the most he’s meditated in all the years i’ve known him!

i can’t recommend this enough to people – especially for people who are in high-stress jobs or just in stressful points in their lives. i’ve already seen the results of using my muse headband regularly, and at just a few minutes a day, there’s really no excuse not to.

learn more about the muse here.



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fall is quickly drifting away and the first chills of winter have arrived. i can’t wait for the snow and long hikes in the mountains. there’s something about the quiet after a good snow storm and the crunch of the fresh snowfall under your feet. it can’t come soon enough.


sharon montrose

sharon montrose does it again. i’m so in love.