the yard


our new house is on about an acre of land, some of which is awesome, and other parts not so much. as soon as we got the keys we had a landscaper come in for some “spring cleaning” – in other words, clean up a yard that hadn’t been touched in over a year. the apple trees had the formations of apple sauce under them and all the bushes were total wild things.

along one giant swath of the backyard was chain link fence. great because it kept the dogs in our yard. not great because our neighbors yards are a mess and there was no visibly defined line between our yards. the chain link just sort of disappeared into the field of junk.

we needed to change out just under 200 feet of fencing and were a little overwhelmed at first. what would we do with the existing fence? how would we dig that many post holes? then it dawned on me – why not just use the existing posts, remove the chain link, and go from there?


the plan worked beautifully. we ordered all the cedar and brackets we needed and dove right in. we had the whole thing done in a days work and while it’s far from perfect, it’s completely transformed the yard, all for a few hundred bucks!



we’ve been working hard on the house and it’s slowly starting to take shape. the mountain man pulled out all the old carpet (yuck), opened up drywall for all the spaces we wanted, and submitted plans for our permits. we’ve been doing everything ourselves so far to save on costs, which is equal parts exhausting and rewarding.

thankfully we haven’t run into too many hurdles, minus this wall. it separates the main living room from an office space, which is extraordinarily dark. the whole configuration is awkward and we knew off the jump that we wanted to open up the wall between the two rooms to make it a study.

so we knocked open the dry wall and to our surprise a heating duct was running smack through the middle of the wall. our immediate thought was that our grand plan wasn’t so grand after all and we’d be stuck with the dungeon den.


thankfully the basement just under the living room is unfinished and right where the heater is. so for a couple hundred bucks we were able to get the line re-run through the corner of the room and open up the wall. eventually this will become our library, with a small wet bar for our favorite libations. for now it needs to be drywalled, painted, and get a new light hung in it!

the kitchen


I’m pretty sure most people would find our new kitchen cringe-worthy, but it’s my favorite part of the house by far. First off, it’s massive – we make 97% of our meals at home, and all from scratch, so we need a lot of prep space. And it’s not uncommon for the Mountain Man to be cooking while I’m baking, which just equals us typically crashing into each other. Now we’ll have separate prep stations, plus ample storage for all our supplies.

That said, the kitchen needs a little facelift. I’ve long loved black, white, and wood kitchens – in fact, I think they’re the most fabulous things ever. So I’ll be painting our cabinets white, putting in a subway tile back-splash, butcher block counters, and new appliances. And new lighting, which is a whole other long story to share…

Here’s some of the inspiration I’m working off of for the space.

kitchen inspiration

kitchen inspirationI love the warmth of the wood against the white cabinets and black details – a trend I’m sure will repeat over and over again throughout the house. I really wanted a vintage stove, but finding an old gas range that fits in a 30″ spot is harder than one might think. So it goes – I’m just excited to see this space brighten up and cook our first meal in it!


a-frame |

I have long had an obsession with a-frames, the glorious mountain homes of America’s yesteryear with expansive windows inviting the outside in. The Mountain Man and I had long been searching for one to call our own, but sadly they only existed in small towns about an hour too far from where we could realistically live. That is, until we spotted this beauty, a not so little gem hidden in Salt Lake City.

We pounced on it and amazingly, everything fell into place. It’s ours and I couldn’t be more excited. No seriously, I can’t sleep I’m so excited. I’m borderline delirious from excitement and fatigue. But that’s just part of home buying, right?

I’ll be sharing our renovation and inspirations throughout the next couple months while we update things. And of course, the grand reveal when all our mid-century furniture finally finds its home in a glorious mid-century a-frame.