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fantastic battle scenes by casey ruble.



here in the bay area, we're pretty proud of the city we call home. even the little sub-districts where our homes reside are a pretty big deal. there's the mission, the lower haight, pac heights, soma, nob hill, the marina, cole valley, the richmond's and the sunset's - the list goes on and on.

i've wanted for some time now to make something for people that's unique to their city, but that's practical. i've always been a big fan of maps, so i decided to go off that and launch A2B - an online store currently selling magnets made from local transit maps.

the selection will be expanding in the coming weeks and i'll hopefully be adding some other neighborhood type items to the shop in the near future. custom maps for san francisco neighborhoods are available through november 15th at no extra charge.

check the store weekly to see if your neighborhood is added and
check out the site to keep up to date with cool online finds and sneak previews of items being added to the shop!



after completely gorging ourselves on some thai food, alex and i decided to be a little crafty and try to make a record bowl. we decided to start small with a 45 before going at it on a classic 33 - a few short minutes later we had a record bowl! okay, well not really a functional bowl since there's a giant hole in the center - but now we're totally prepared to make a legit bowl out of a 33. an amoeba run is officially on the agenda...

i don't know that i could switch away from my moleskin notebooks, but if i did, this notebook would be at the top of my list.


hey everyone! you may notice the url you used is now redirecting to your old urls will still work fine, but feel free to update your links to the addy above. thanks!

saw these helmets on swissmiss and just about burst at the seams. RAD. check out all the helmets and their variety of colors here.

the annual pixel award voting is under way (through oct. 24th) - help determine what's the best of the best out there on the web. click here to vote and while you're at it, i suggest you vote for blurb under the art category. =)

i know a few people who would go crazy for one of these...get your own here.

Minilogue - Animals from ljudbilden on Vimeo.
happy friday!



okay, i couldn't resist. with all the 'joe the plumber' references going around from the recent political frenzy, i found the new pepsi logo to fit right in. don't get it? see that little black line that's supposed to be indicative of a smile? kinda looks like the very cliche plumbers crack, no? (there is admittedly a debate as to whether or not pepsi has or will use that black line, but well, it's still pretty damn funny)

how rad are these pieces of growing jewelry? check them out here.


2D animation and drawings bringing emotions to life. LOVE it.


i got a lot of emails regarding the political posters post i put up, so i thought i would keep the theme going with a few more in the weeks leading up to the election. i should caveat this with the fact that most of these are done in support of the democratic party. i'm not trying to sway anyones opinion in any way - vote for whomever you think is fit to get us out of this mess we're in. but enjoy some dope design while you're at it.

some of you may have heard of the site 30 reasons which features a poster-a-day for the 30 days leading up to the election. some of these are really beautiful, focusing more on unity and growth as a nation versus the issues that divide us. it's a nice respite from how depressing this has all gotten, no?

check out all the posters or sign up to have them emailed to you daily here.



it's true, i really do.


saw this scrap scrapbook on one good bumblebee and had to share. i have so many paper samples it's kind of out of control, so of course i thought this was pretty much the best idea ever. LOVE it.

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