this past weekend, the mister and i loaded up the car with all our camera gear, the two pups, and our hiking shoes for a road trip down to arches national park in moab, utah. while he is forever a mountain man, i am endlessly in love with the desert, and couldn’t have been happier about our weekend getaway.

true to form, i was absolutely in love with the landscape, but fell a smidgen more in love with the food. it’s true. i’m a totally foodie and rate every vacation destination on what i eat. but it wasn’t just any food in moab. it was milt’s stop and eat. a classic diner opened in 1954, milt’s is all things roadside americana, and the burgers are to die for. we both indulged in the buffalo burgers, which i admit we devoured too quickly to photograph, but trust me, if you’re ever in moab, you HAVE to go to milt’s. shakes, chili fries, burgers, the works – they have it all, served fresh to order. and knowing you get to walk off all those calories in some of the states most beautiful national parks makes it all the more decadently delicious!

where’s your favorite roadside diner?